Monday, September 28, 2015

Liberation and the Recycle Bin

Today, I experienced the most liberating feeling of all.  I needed binders, so I took the contents of 2 binders (both full of worksheets at least 2 years old) and put the papers straight into the recycle bin.  

I didn't look through it.  I didn't save anything.  I got rid of all of it.

It was so freeing knowing that clutter was gone from my closet for good.  I hadn't looked at these papers in 2 years.  They are from a grade and subject I no longer teach. So why did I still have them?  And honestly, if I was ever teaching the same content, I would find new materials.  I am the type who believes that every school year is a new year, and my teaching should be fresh as well.  I can't have fresh lessons when teaching from lesson plans from two years ago!

Want a life changing experience in less that 5 minutes?  De-clutter some of your old worksheets, lesson plans, and outdated materials.  You will feel better and future students will thank you.


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