Monday, March 23, 2015

Measuring Angles in Pages

In order to demonstrate their knowledge of measuring angles, I had students create the following picture examples in the Pages app.

My wonderful student Miguel created this example on his iPad.

This was very simple to accomplish.  Student took a picture in of an angle they saw around the classroom and inserted that picture into Pages.  The most difficult part was making the protractor transparent. Below are the steps to make an image transparent in Pages:

  1. Insert the image and select it.
  2. Click on the Paintbrush icon, this will bring up your settings.
  3. Make sure the Style tab is selected, and click on "style options."
  4. Move the Opacity slider until you achieve the desired effect.

Nicole made this terrific demonstration using an example from the classroom.

This activity was a lot of fun, and it focused on the exact skill we were practicing in class - measuring with a protractor.  

Tips for use in your classroom:

  • Although it wasn't hard to create a transparent protractor, you can make a blank document with a see-through protractor on it to send to your students as a template.

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