Thursday, January 8, 2015

News Articles for Kids

I recently found myself looking for news articles for my 4th Graders.  I was amazed at the number of news sites there are for kids!  I wish I would have known about all these resources sooner.  A real-life news story beats a test-prep passage any day! Here is one of my favorites Dogo News.

Dogo News is a site I have been using since our school went 1:1.  I love Dogo News because it lets you sort the content by grade level.  This ensures the readability and appropriateness of articles.

Click on "Grades" to change the range of articles you can view.  (See the Red Arrow.)

Other great features of Dogo News:
  • Teacher login lets you store your favorite articles and create classes.
  • Student logins allow the students not only to have access to the site, but to view articles you have select for them.  (A student login is not required for students to use the site.  I will often post the link to an article on Edmodo.)

Tips for using in your classroom:

  • Students and teachers can login using a Google Account.  (You gotta love that!)
  • So far, I have found that the K-8 articles have all been elementary friendly.  I have no trouble saying yes when students ask, "Can I go on Dogo News?"

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