Thursday, January 8, 2015

Dogo Books

I couldn't post about Dogo News without posting about Dogo Books. Dogo Books is a website of "Book reviews for kids, by kids."

Dogo Books is a great place for kids to go to find books to add to their wish lists.  Students can view new books, popular books, or view books by genres.  Most books let the students preview the first few pages of a book!  Along with blurbs and information about the book, some books even have a book trailer for students to view.

My students are voracious readers who love to tell their friends all about the books they are reading. Dogo Books allows them to share the books they are reading with the world!  Kids can leave reviews for others on the site to read.  This is a fun way to introduce students to the world of social networks in a safe environment, while still teaching content.

Go try this site out now!!!  To get to the website go to:, or you can get there by clicking "books" at the top of the Dogo News site.

Tips for using in your classroom:

  • Students can post with or without a login.  Login in using a Google Account is allowed.
  • Teach your students how to write a book review before showing them this site.  This will help to connect the activity to your ELA standards as well as help the site get some well-written reviews.

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